Storing and Caring for your Flagpole

As colder temperatures approach, we wanted to share 5 Steps to keep your flags and Titan flagpoles in tip top shape!

  1. Technically your Titan telescopic flagpole can be left out 24×7 for 365 days, it is built for that. ALWAYS leave the pole fully extended to avoid any moisture being able to be trapped and frozen internally.
  2.  If closing up your cottage for the Winter, you may wish to store your flagpole for the season (follow the steps below!).
  3. Lower each section of the telescopic flagpole, remove and fold your flag, and use the red cap that was included in the original packaging to cover the hole whether in the ground sleeve or mounting option
  4. DONE! It’s as simple as that 🙂
  5. If you leave your flagpole up throughout the winter months, please note that due to our varying weather conditions, there may be times that the sections will freeze together, making raising and lowering the flagpole difficult. If this happens and you need to lower your pole, heat the area with a hairdryer and momentarily you will have full function again.

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  • I was captured when you discussed that raising and lowering the flagpole can be difficult during winter months. My friend wants to purchase custom flag poles online. I should advise him to choose a shop that provides quality flagpoles.

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