Welcome to Ontario Flag & Pole

Ontario Flag and Pole (OFP) was established by Bruce Cook in 2010 after representing Prairie Flag and Pole (PFP) since 2008. It was felt that a separate sales outlet for Ontario would be the best way to service this large customer base. We wish to take this opportunity to thank PFP for all their help along the way to servicing the Ontario market.

Bruce is touted as being the hardest working trade show exhibitor on the planet. He attends numerous trade shows each year promoting the many features of Titan Flagpoles and their related accessories.

Although you can see the Titan products demonstrated at the trade shows you don’t have to wait for a trade show to purchase your flags, poles and accessories. OFP is happy to ship direct to your door. We offer great tips and advice on flagpole care, maintenance and etiquette through our blog and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have as well. Please feel free to comment on the blog or drop us a line via email.

OFP supplies the most user-friendly telescoping flagpole in the marketplace today. Made in the good old U.S.A. of maintenance free high strength 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes creating a lifelong maintenance free finish – no need to worry about rust or painting this product.

A unique inter-locking sleeve is used to raise and lower the pole sections providing the ultimate in ease of use.

All of the external parts are made of high grade Lexan Polycarbonate, which is chemically treated to prevent UV deterioration. Lexan is commonly used in aircraft windshields and automobile head lights because of its extremely high strength and durability.

The 20′ and 25′ flagpole come with an amazing 3″ base diameter which is 30 per cent, stronger than other telescoping flagpoles. It is built to withstand winds of 95 mph. It also has 7 times the bearing surface which will reduce wobble in-between the sections. Rest assured that if you purchase a Titan product, you’re buying the best!

As well as specializing in Titan telescopic flagpoles we are continually expanding products available through our company. One can shop for our economical steel flagpole, wood indoor flagpole kits, boat mounts, house mounts and a wide variety of flags.

Thanks for stopping by our website and please feel free to contact us any time.
We look forward to serving you at Ontario Flag and Pole!