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Fun Flag Facts for National Flag of Canada Day!

Today is National Flag of Canada Day! 🇨🇦 So you KNOW we had to talk about it. In this blog we’re sharing some fun facts you might not know about the Canadian national flag! Why celebrate National Flag of Canada Day February 15th? It was on February 15, 1965 that the Canadian flag as we […]

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How to fly your flag at half-mast

In times of great loss and tragedy you can honour those affected by flying your flag pole at half-mast. The Government of Canada states”The half-masting of national flags is a well-established procedure whereby countries bestow an honour and express a collective sense of sorrow. Given that such flags are recognized as paramount symbols of their […]

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National Flag Etiquette Part I

Do you have a Canadian flag sitting in your garage waiting to fly in the wind? Maybe you’re worried you’ll make a flag faux-pas or disrespect your nation? You’re right to be cautious, because when the National Flag of Canada or other provincial or territorial flags are displayed, proper consideration and etiquette should be maintained. […]

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