Celebrating FIFA Women’s World Cup: Top 5 most ordered international flags

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is in full swing! This prestigious football competition comes around once every four years. Although Canada has already been eliminated, we wanted to celebrate the event by sharing with you our top 5 most ordered international flags.

About our international flags

Our in stock International flags are rated for seasonal use. They are perfect for when you have international guests visiting and want to honor them by flying the flag of their country with the double flag harness included with your Titan Telescoping flagpole. Or use it for a short season to show national pride for your country of origin. These flags are also very good for international competitions or shows where a display of country flags is needed.

Size: 3’x5′ polyester

#1: Netherlands

Netherlands, international flag

From the land of windmills and tulips comes our top ordered international flag – Netherlands!

#2: Ukraine

Ukraine, international flags

With the Russo-Ukrainian War beginning in February of 2014, and escalating to an invasion in February 2022, many people have wanted to share their national pride, or show support for Ukraine with the purchase of this flag. 

#3: United Kingdom

United Kingdom, international flags

This one is close to the Ontario Flag and Pole family’s heart because one of our daughters is currently living in the United Kingdom! We enjoyed displaying this flag on our double flag harness when she got married a few years ago.

#4: Lion Rampant Flag

Lion Rampant Flag, Scotland, international flags

This flag also comes from across the pond – Scotland! The Lion Rampant flag is also known as the Royal Banner of the Royal Arms of Scotland. This is the King’s official banner in Scotland.

#5: Ireland

Ireland flag, international flags

The final in our list of top 5 most ordered flags is Ireland! We wonder if this may be tied to a certain event that comes around each March… ☘️💚

That’s a wrap! Let us know in the comments what flags you thought would be in our top 5 or if these were exactly what you expected. We hope you enjoy cheering on your favourite FIFA Women’s World Cup team this year!

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