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What’s the difference between the outrigger and house bracket kit?

We have a few options for people looking to mount a flag on the side of their house, a commercial building, deck or dock. The options we’ll break down for you today are the house bracket kit, and Titan Outrigger. But which one is best for you? Keep reading to learn more. 


Regular homeowners

If you’re a regular home owner, what you likely need is a house bracket kit. This kit affords you the flexibility to adjust the angle of your flag. It’s made with a press-fit model for adjusting to your flag size of choice, and is five feet in length.

The rotating bearings make it useful for many purposes, including on the side of your deck, dock, garage, or house. The bearings also mean your flag won’t get wrapped up by the wind!

Commercial businesses

When mounting your flag on a larger building, you need a stronger mount to keep it secure from the elements. The Titan Outrigger is made from T6 airplane grade aluminum, the same material as our Titan Telescoping Flagpoles. The outrigger includes a floating harness for your flag to ensure the flag moves nicely in the wind.

The Titan Outrigger is significantly larger than the house bracket kit, and can extend to six feet in length. It’s meant to be installed on a high roof, or the side of a building or barn. 

How to secure your mount of choice

Whatever option you choose, it’s important to secure the mounts with long screws. We also recommend you use plugs that will expand and hold your screws tight against the surface you’re securing them to. You only want to do this once, so make sure to do it well!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can also look at our other accessories and mounting options on our website.

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