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National Flag Etiquette Part II

Summer calls for opening the cottage, sitting on the dock and raising your flag.

But how do you properly display the national flag?

In Part I we highlighted national flag Do’s and Don’ts, but there’s still more to cover!

The following National Flag of Canada etiquette has been adapted from the Government of Canada website.


How do you display your Canadian flag respectfully alongside your other flags? Read to learn how to hang your flag with pride and dignity.

The flag configurations described below also apply when the National Flag of Canada is flown with one or more flags of the provinces and territories.

Two Flags

With the flag of one other nation, the National Flag of Canada should be on the left of the observer facing the flags; both should be at the same height.

Crossed Flags

When crossed with a flag of another sovereign nation, the National Flag of Canada should be on the left of the observer facing the flags; the flagpole bearing the National Flag of Canada should be in front of the pole of the other flag.

Three Flags

In a line of three flags, the National Flag of Canada should be in the centre. The other two flags should, in alphabetical order, be placed to the left and right of the National Flag respectively (from the point of view of the observer facing the three flagpoles/masts).


In a semi-circle of flags representing a number of sovereign nations, the National Flag of Canada should be in the centre.

Enclosed Circle

In an enclosed circle of flags representing a number of sovereign nations, the National Flag of Canada should be flown on the flagpole/mast immediately opposite the main entrance to a building or arena.

A combination of flags of sovereign nations, provinces, territories and organizations

In keeping with previously outlined practice, the National Flag of Canada, when flown with different types of flags, should be flown on the left of an observer facing the flags. The position of the other flags is determined by order of precedence, which is also covered in Part I.

Oh Canada

When provincial and territorial flags are flown with the National Flag of Canada, the order is based on the date of entry into Confederation of the provinces followed by the territories. In a grouping of flags that includes the National Flag of Canada and all of the flags of the provinces and territories, the order of precedence is:

  • National Flag of Canada
  • Ontario (1867)
  • Quebec (1867)
  • Nova Scotia (1867)
  • New Brunswick (1867)
  • Manitoba (1870)
  • British Columbia (1871)
  • Prince Edward Island (1873)
  • Saskatchewan (1905)
  • Alberta (1905)
  • Newfoundland (1949)
  • Northwest Territories (1870)
  • Yukon (1898)
  • Nunavut (1999)

More than Three Flags

When displays include more than three flagpoles/masts, the National Flag of Canada should be flown on the left of the observer facing the flags, followed by the flags of the provinces and territories. An additional National Flag of Canada may be displayed at the end of the line if desired.

There you have it, now you’re ready to hang your national flag alongside your other flags with confidence!

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