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Fall Cottage Life Show 2022

Ontario Flag & Pole is back at the Cottage Life Show!


It’s the best time of the year! The Fall Cottage Life Show is back in town Nov 11-13th, and we’re so excited to be participating once again. 


The Fall Cottage Life Show will be hosted in Hall 2 at the International Centre in Mississauga. You can find your favourite Titan Telescopic flagpole provider at Booth #1756. For a map of the International Centre and where to find parking for Hall 2, click here.


You can buy your tickets for the show here on the Cottage Life website. Get ready for the show by browsing our flagpoles and accessories, here! 

It’s set to be a great show for all the cottage-lovers out there! This year, you also get a deal on the ticket because one ticket gets you into both the Fall Cottage Life Show and the Seasons Christmas Show. NOT to mention the amazing deals you’ll have access to at the Ontario Flag & Pole booth!

Unable to make it to the show? We still have “fall”-tastic savings for you with our Fall sale. As part of the sale we’re offering $50 off Titan Telescopic Flagpoles MSRP, and you’ll receive a FREE (appropriately sized) Canadian-made Canada flag (durapoly) with pole purchase (15’+). The flag will be automatically added automatically.

Stay tuned for our Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals by subscribing to our email list (access from our website).


We hope to see you this weekend at the show! In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Bruce & Gloria

Ontario Flag and Pole

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Upcoming Winter/Spring 2019 Shows

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Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

The “Royal” as its fondly called, is our last show of the year where you can see the demo of the Titan telescopic pole. Need a Christmas present? We have a wide selection of flags including Canadian, provincial, international, seasonal and novelty. Or checkout our options for solar lights – great gift idea! Soon to […]

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