How to fly your flag at half-mast

In times of great loss and tragedy you can honour those affected by flying your flag pole at half-mast.

The Government of Canada states”The half-masting of national flags is a well-established procedure whereby countries bestow an honour and express a collective sense of sorrow. Given that such flags are recognized as paramount symbols of their nations, the act of half-masting is a dramatic visual statement that speaks to the sense of loss that is shared by all their citizens.”

Ontario Flag and Pole founder, Bruce Cook, shows you how to lower your Titan Telescopic Flag Pole to half-mast in this video:

How to fly at half-mast:

  1. Begin by lowering each section of the Titan telescopic flagpole til it’s fully down.
  2. Remove flag carefully from the clips. Using the bottom clip of the double flag harness, connect the top grommet of the flag to this bottom clip. Ensure your flag is in correct position. Clip bottom grommet of flag to the clip on the lower harness.
  3. Begin to raise your pole one section at a time. Fully extend and your flagpole will be in a position of honour and respect.
  4. There are a number of rules for half-masting the National Flag of Canada, so be sure to reference before you fly!

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