How to install a flag on your house: House bracket kit

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A lot of people will ask us what options they have if they don’t have space for a flagpole, but they do want to display a flag at their home. If this resonates with you, your best option is a house bracket kit.

What is a house bracket kit?

The house bracket kit is designed to provide an alternative option for installing a flag at your home. The kit includes an adjustable bracket and a 5’ aluminum pole. This bracket is aluminum and is adjustable to your chosen angle. This provides you with lots of flexibility, with the range going from straight up to a 45 degree angle. 

The 1” pole is 5’ aluminum with two pieces that screw together. Our product’s unique feature is that it also has bearings that spin the pole so the flag unfurls on its own. This means less wrapping, and a nicer presentation overall. A gold top finishes the look.

We recommend a 27”x54” flag for this kit, which is purchased separately from the kit.

Where can the house bracket be installed?

The house bracket kit is typically installed on wood – whether a post or railing at your home, or even on the side of your house boat. This is the simplest option for setup.

If you don’t have a wood option, some people will install the kit on a cement or brick wall at their home. Siding is not recommended. When installing on cement or brick, you’ll need a cement drill bit and plugs to keep it secure to the wall. 

If you have questions about the install process, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Video explanation: 

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