4 reasons why you should invest in a flagpole

Originally starting out as pieces of wood with fabric tied to the top – flags and flagpoles have been around for 1000s of years. Individuals, organizations, governments, all use flagpoles to display their affiliations, pride for their country, and so much more! Today we’re sharing a few reasons why you should invest in a flagpole.

Eye-catching Impact

For many businesses, flagpoles serve as an eye-catching advertisement for their business. Flagpoles are an impressive and professional way to welcome visitors to your business. They can also be a great visual for schools, government buildings, or historic sites. 

We also create custom flags, which work great for people looking to showcase their company logo outside their business. 

See below Ontario Flag and Pole’s Titan Telescoping Flagpoles proudly displayed at the Sutton Cenotaph, and other businesses.

A display of pride and identity

Whether you want to express your love for a sports team, country, or “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” flagpoles are a great tool for you to use! By having a flagpole you have a tangible way to express your values, patriotism, or fandom community. 

Special occasions and celebrations

Specialty flags are available for birthdays, holidays, seasons, and so much more! Festive flags can add to the decoration for an event, and add a little pizazz to everyday life.

A sustainable, long-term solution

Purchasing a flagpole is an investment, but it’s a long-lasting one. Our Titan Telescoping Flagpoles are expertly and intuitively designed to accommodate your flag needs, and to make flying your flag as easy as possible. 

Titan Telescoping flagpoles are made of 6105/T5 aircraft-grade aluminum, anodized to create a lifelong maintenance free finish. No need to worry about rust or painting this product! Learn more about our flag poles here. We also have a limited lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong with the internal mechanisms. Check out our warranty do’s and don’ts video for more info!

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